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Concept of high quality simultaneous measurements of the indoor and outdoor aerosol to determine the exposure to fine and ultrafine particles in private homes
Mobility particle size spectrometers: Calibration
procedures and measurement uncertainties
An optical particle size spectrometer for aircraft-borne
measurements in IAGOS-CARIBIC

Tuch et al. AST 2016

Dependence of CPC cut-off diameter on particle
morphology and other factors

Pfeifer et al. AMT 2016

Intercomparison of 15 aerodynamic particle size spectrometers
(APS 3321): uncertainties in particle sizing and number
size distribution

The “dual-spot” Aethalometer: an improved measurement of
aerosol black carbon with real-time loading compensation
Bipolar charge distribution of a soft X-ray diffusion charger

Högström et al. Metrologia 2014

First comprehensive inter-comparison of
aerosol electrometers for particle sizes up
to 200nm and concentration range
−3 to 17 000cm−3

Nordmann, S. et al. JGR 2013

Measurements of the mass absorption cross section of atmospheric
soot particles using Raman spectroscopy

Petzold, A. et al.Atmos Chem Phys 2013

Recommendations for reporting "black carbon" measurements

Wiedensohler, A. et al. AMT 2012

Mobility particle size spectrometers: harmonization of technical standards and data structure to facilitate high quality long-term observations of atmospheric particle number size distributions

Müller, T. et al. AMT 2011a

Characterization and intercomparison of aerosol absorption
photometers: result of two intercomparison workshops

Müller, T. et al. AMT 2011b

Design and performance of a three-wavelength LED-based total
scatter and backscatter integrating nephelometer

Massling, A. et al. AMT 2011

Results and recommendations from an intercomparison
of six Hygroscopicity-TDMA systems

Tuch, T. et al. AMT 2009

Design and performance of an automatic regenerating adsorption
aerosol dryer for continuous operation at monitoring sites

Müller, T. et al. Aerosol Sci Techn 2009

Nephelometers: Implications for Empirical, Size-Based Corrections

Hermann, M. et al. J Aerosol Sci 2007

Particle counting efficiencies of new TSI condensation
particle counters

Heintzenberg, J. et al. J Atmos Ocean Tech 2006

Intercomparisons and Aerosol Calibrations of 12 Commercial Integrating
Nephelometers of Three Manufacturers

Hermann, M. et al. J Aerosol Sci 2005

Pressure-dependent efficiency of a condensation particle counter
operatedwith FC-43 as working fluid

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