Expert Workshop 2016 - GAW-WCCAP

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Sino-German Soot Workshop

June 2016, Beijing



Wiedensohler, A.

Session 1 

Chen, J. M.

Long term airborne measurements of BC

Cheng; Y. F.

Consistent Black Carbon and PM inventories for Europe

Denvier van der Gon, H.

Overview of OC EC measurements of TROPOS ACD

Herrmann, H.

Impacts of meteorological parameters and emissions on BC variation in China

Liao, H.

Long term trend of EC OC at Melpitz Germany

Spindler, G.

Comparative model study of BC

Wang, Z. F.

Session 2

Heterogeneous process in secondary aerosol formation

Ge, M. F.

Heterogeneous reaction of soot with oxidizing gases

He, H.

Emission and evolution of BC in China

Hu, M.

Absorption and direct radiative forcing of BC under polluted urban environments

Zhang, R. Y.

Air pollution exposures of cooking with biomass fuels

Zhang, Y. X.

Session 3

BC in coastal area of southern China

Lee, S.C.

Spectral Light Absorption of BC and BrC Using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

Schnaiter, M.

BC in Western China and radiative effects

Sun, J. Y.

Dependency of urban traffic on BC mass concentration

Wiedensohler, A.

Burst and growth of ultrafine particles during biomass burning episodes

Wu, Z. J.

Session 4

Characterization of BC by laser-induced incandescence techniques

Geysel, M.

Soot and char in the environment

Han, Y. M.

Choosing the proper technique for measuring the light absorption

Müller, T.

Airborne indoor particles

Franck, U.

BC impact on climate

Kinne, S.

Air pollutants in epidemiological short-term studies

Pickford, R.

Air pollution effects on the lung and brain

Schickowski, T.

Health effects of air pollutants in long-term studies

Schneider, A.

Aerosol rediative effects within HaChi project

Zhao, C.S.

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